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Hioki Corporate Video

Hioki Corporate Video


Hioki Wireless Adapter Z3210

Get connected!
Work even smarter with our new Z3210 wireless adapter!
Now you can create and share graphical reports in a flash.

Z3210 is a Bluetooth® wireless adapter that is available in more than 50 countries \u0026 regions. It will:
● Increase your work efficiency, by eliminating human errors from from manual reporting.
●Transfer readings on instruments to easy-to-read graphical reports to prove integrity.
●Increase your work productivity \u0026 save costs!
●Provide additional new functions for Hioki devices such as waveform display \u0026 more!

More compatible Hioki's products and compatible Apps to come!

Check out our website for more details:

Memory HiLogger LR8450 | Strain Measurement

The Memory HiLogger LR8450 is a data logger that can measure stress via directly connected strain gages. Capable of recording at frequencies on the order of dozens of hertz thanks to sampling at up to 1 ms, the LR8450 is ideal for measuring stress and load on moving parts and strain on components such as brakes and pipes. And because it can accommodate a mix of various measurement units, the LR8450 can simultaneously measure strain, temperature, and voltage as necessary.
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